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Holidays to Nessebar: the area around [pt.1]

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June 24, 2021

It’s hard to find any place on the western coast of the Black Sea with so much history dating back 3000 years and more such as Nessebar, Bulgaria. The small town that represents one of the most prominent country summer resorts nowadays, stood the test of time and survived through many storms to bring us the scents of several different stages of history and civilization – Thracian, Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval Bulgarian, and Ottoman ages. Remains of those old times are still present in the unique Old town which is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the area as a favorite summer destination. The inclusion of Nessebar, Bulgaria in the list of UNESCO World Heritage brought even more fame to one of the greatest places on Black Sea coast.


Anyway, you don’t have to sleep in the ruins of antiquity


Actually, you won’t be allowed to stay around the relics even if you want to build a camp there. But what would make you think of such an option if some of the best Nessebar hotels are situated on a walking distance from the Old town? The opportunity to book a room in the tiny historical quarter isn’t totally excluded but there only a few houses of accommodation there. Right across the small peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow strip, you can find a wide variety of suits to suit the feeling of joy and excitement that goes together with the thought of Nessebar holidays. The worry that you have to spend a fortune for a week at the beach should evaporate at the moment you see the greatest offers available in the resort. With the option to reserve a room for a whole for less than 400 GBP per person deserve to be considered and definitely worth the deal.


In fact, opting for holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria will not lead you to the cheapest resort in the country. The small town with the famous ancient area holds a higher level of prices for accommodation compared to the nearby Sunny Beach. But taking the matter to a broader point of view would let anyone see that the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria cost much less than the hotels in places like Dubrovnik preferred also for the sake of the old culture and rich historical heritage. Don’t get this wrong – no one claims that the small town on the Black Sea is greater than the Croatian pride of castles on the Adriatic. It just has to be noticed that Nessebar holidays are of the same kind combining the beach enjoyment with the chance to see and learn something new and meaningful to the whole civilization of humanity.


What can you see in the Old town?

church in nessebar bulgaria

More than 40 churches were located on the territory of this quarter but unfortunately, the half of these buildings are lost forever. Some of the chapels still stand there after going through a reconstruction and the Pantokrator church might be the most prominent as well as St. Stefan and St. Spas – all being structures of the basilica type. The remains of the Medieval fortress also worth to be seen at a close. The 19th-century Bulgarian houses of the period before the liberation of the Ottoman rule add to the charm of the old cobblestoned streets. Midway between the ancient quarter and the modern section you can find one of the postcard images of Nessebar, Bulgaria – the old wind mill which is now only a sightseeing object and is not active anymore.


When you realize that the region around the resort is great for exploration and fun, the prospect of a summer vacation in the heart of the Bulgarian coastline becomes even better. Before tripping on the land, wouldn’t it be a great adventure to head into the sea – not only to swim but for an experience that will bring a greater excitement. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sail a fisherman’s boat by yourself – it will be interesting for sure but risky too. One of the main attractions of the Nessebar holidays agenda is the Catamaran cruise which is a delight for the wealthy visitors indeed. But the cruises on a yacht are available for everyone and so does the Tattoo Boat party – a great deal of fun, especially for the younger people looking for more thrill during the vacation. Have in mind that this kind of enjoyment might take more funds to make it real and it is probably not the top choice when it comes to a budget-calculated summer break. With the cheap Nessebar hotels anyway you might allow yourself at least one delight which costs more but worths the thrill.


But spending more money isn’t inevitable to spend a great week in Bulgaria – Nessebar and the area around it offer more than you can get without the need to throw more money than you have for fun and rest. A quick drive to the nearby town Pomorie, for example, will be a pleasant way to add several hours of diversity to the vacation. You can walk around the central part of this resort or you can visit the interesting Museum of salt. A few kilometers inland, really close to the Nessebar hotels the curious traveler might find other objects of the ancient history like the Thracian tomb in the vicinity of Pomorie and Nessebar. There is a lot to be seen and even more to enjoy.


To be continued…

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