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Enjoy the Blue flag on the Black Sea

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June 24, 2021

Everyone who has ever been on a summer vacation is probably aware of the meaning of the flag colours present on the beach. It’s very similar if the same as the traffic light alerts. Red is for “Stop” – or “Don’t go in the water”. Yellow stands for “Be cautious” and in this case, it slightly alters the meaning of the traffic light of the same nuance – you are allowed to get inside the water but mind the hazard which is present. Green is “Free to go” in both cases which don’t mean anyone is free to act recklessly. And here comes the blue colour which is usually not seen on the road. Noticing that type of flag on the beach is a good news – it means that the area meets the standards for quality and environmental requirements. This type of acknowledgment is granted on an annual basis and in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is one of the beaches recognized to meet the criteria.


Bulgaria makes it to Top 30 on a global scale


The Black Sea coastline is the eastern borderline of the country. Minding the total length of less than 400 km, it seems like the number of the Blue flag areas is somewhat satisfying. Besides Sunny Beach, Bulgaria offers access to other 12 places granted to be of this category. Count to 13 might make the northern neighbor Romania feel jealous with only 4 beaches each meeting the highest standards. Other Black Sea nations with longer coastal length than Bulgaria like Ukraine and Russia also fail to get ahead of the small Balkan country. But even with the presence of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is still far from the top of the rankings. Spain leads the way with almost 600 Blue flag areas, followed by Greece, Turkey, France, Turkey, and Italy.


Even England has 5 times more Blue flag places than Bulgaria. Have in mind though that all countries cited to be in front of the Balkan country are in possession of a much longer coastline. And as we speak of the UK seaside resorts, there are hardly even a few to welcome the guests with the kind of Sunny Beach weather.


Indeed, the end of June 2018 happened to be a bad luck to book a stay on the Black Sea since heavy rains and strong winds hit the area for more than one week. But usually the Sunny Beach weather is much more favorable in July and August and this is why the demand for the high season is intense. If there are vacancies for Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, the most affordable picks will most certainly appear here. Have in mind that the early reservation usually saves a significant amount of money but if you missed booking in advance for some reason, Balkan Holidays will still provide you with the opportunity to find a place to stay considering the budget restrictions if there are such.


The northern area is granted the Blue flag award


One thing that might make you think of going to holidays to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is the fact that the resort has sand strips with a combined length of 8 km (5 miles). And this is only in the area of this touristic town which is surrounded by other places with great beaches like Nessebar, for example. Speaking of the Blue flag, the northern part of the Sunny Beach seaside area was recognized to meet the criteria.


To be honest, the Sunny Beach weather isn’t the only reason for the increasing fame of the resort. In the last decade, the leading Bulgarian seaside resort has gained a lot of popularity as being one of the major party summer destinations in Eastern Europe. Called the “Balkan Ibiza”, the famous Cacao Beach gathered thousands of people who love to dance all night and especially like the electronic music. Big artists of the genre like Fatboy Slim, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Sven Vath, to name only a few, made gigs there and some even chose to return to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.


Except for being the most popular seaside resort in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach actually tops the world ranking. It is not the one regarding the number of Blue flag areas (in fact, 1995 was the first time the Bulgarian resort was granted the award). According to the survey conducted by Post Office in 2017, embarking on holidays to Bulgaria, Sunny beach is the best-valued in the world. The average daily expense on the Black Sea happens to be significantly smaller than staying and spending in Portugal’s Algarve, for example. So mind Sunny Beach, Bulgaria as a Blue flag of quality and green light as a welcome sign. Go for it.

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