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Borovets skiing – hotels, snow report and nightlife

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June 24, 2021

If you happen to drive through the place by chance going somewhere else, speaking hypothetically, you might think that this is a small and rather insignificant Bulgarian mountain village. Indeed, the oldest winter resort in the country is not spread over a vast territory regarding the hotel area, but there is more than meet the eye, at least on the first sight. Once you dare to experience Borovets ski holidays, it is highly unlikely to have any regret after that. The accommodation is quite affordable, the ambiance of the area in Rila Mountain will calm your nerves and make your spirit fly at the same time. You can literally reach the top of the Balkans – hiking, not skiing. And you can have a lot of fun during the time away from Borovets skiing zone.


One of the best budget destinations in Europe

borovets ski resort bulgariaBulgaria has increased its popularity as the country to choose for the winter break because of the low prices of the accommodation, the low costs of the daily expenses and the high level of service given the money paid for it. Borovets holidays will appear not that often on the radar and in the rankings of the most affordable destinations on the continent compared to the national competition in the face of Bansko or Pamporovo. Nevertheless, with the option to book a room for less than 250 GBP per person for a whole week the oldest resort in the country stands as an excellent pick for those who look for budget options.

The sooner you book Borovets ski holidays; the higher is the chance to take the best deals from the Balkan Holidays options. It’s natural to be attracted by the lowest number in the price list, yet have in mind that these might not be of the most excellent value. Yes, with an early reservation you can take a room near the Borovets skiing zone, but it will be of the self-catering type. It means that you need to buy all the food – even the breakfast is not granted. That kind of deal is not wrong if you stick to a specific diet and prefer to purchase products and cook for yourself.

hotel samokov, borovets bulgaria - top skiing destination
Hotel Samokov, Borovets

Booking a suite with a little higher cost might turn out to be a better budget-purposed solution for the Borovets ski holidays. Do you think that the 4-star accommodation at the well-known Hotel Samokov for less than 300 GBP on a half-board service is expensive? A deal like that is among the best-valued to find not only in Bulgaria but Europe as a whole.

The luxury is what some travelers might miss in the village set around the Rila Mountain pine woods. It’s not that the top category is a total lack from Borovets skiing resort, but there are few 5-star hotels available like Festa Winter Palace. But since the budget is a crucial factor in choosing the place for the winter break, the oldest Bulgarian winter complex will undoubtedly show you plenty of appropriate choices.

Borovets snow report is favorable for four months

borovets, bulgaria, ski resort
snow in Borovets, Bulgaria

In a typical winter, the oldest Bulgarian resort welcomes the skiers and snowboarders with fully prepared runs from the beginning of December until the end of March. Sometimes the season might last even longer if the snowfall down earlier and the temperature drops respectively. Borovets ski holidays for Easter might be quite a realistic opportunity of the winter holds on till mid-April as it happened in one of the recent seasons.

The conditions in different areas of the ski zone are easily accessible to follow through Borovets snow report. And the webcam network probably gives the most detailed view on the complex compared to every other winter resort in Bulgaria. Nine live cameras are installed from the top of the Borovets skiing zone to the base at the main resort. The highest region of the winter sports area is set around 2400 m above the sea level, and it stands only one hour and a half away on foot from the tallest peak on the map of the Balkan Peninsula. Reaching Mount Musala (the altitude is 2925 m) hiking in the winter might be a challenge – one that requires following Borovets snow report all the time. And don’t try it on your own as thrilling as it might sound. Hiring an experienced guide is the right move if you really want to go on the top of Rila Mountain. But you might have a different agenda than that.

Racing easy and having fun

Assuming that you are a first-timer, it’s not hard to conclude that the highest area of Borovets skiing map will not be suitable to the level of skills. Being a total rookie or a traveler with a small experience on the slopes probably means you need the tuition. The oldest Bulgarian resort has some of the best ski schools in the country to introduce you to the Alpine passion and to give you the starting lessons and advice.

borovets nightlifeA newbie might prefer to take it easy regarding the sports activity during the time of Borovets ski holidays. The place is particularly suitable for young adults who love the race, but also want to have fun late until midnight or even after that. Once again, if you travel through the village, it might not occur to you that it has plenty of choices for nightlife. The most prominent clubs are located in some of the famous hotels like Samokov and Rila without messing with those will to rest peacefully in their rooms. The choices are not restricted to these places, and you can find a bar or a pub to have the good time you need in numerous locations spread around the area of Borovets skiing resort.

But don’t go for night skiing if you have slipped a couple of drinks or more before that. Yes, the race in the dark is one of the most exciting activities you can experience during the time of your Borovets holidays, but it doesn’t mean that you can do it without being sober enough.

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