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Bansko snow report is favorable from December up till April

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June 24, 2021




In places with higher altitude like Bansko and Borovets, the ski season is longer than usually compared to other resorts in Bulgaria. For the majority of scenarios, Bansko snow report is favorable for nearly five months – with a bit of luck skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Pirin mountain resort is possible from early December up till mid-April.


On time update of the pistes cover in Bansko


Nobody is happy to figure out at the time of arriving at the venue of the winter that the hills happen to bare from the blanket to ride on. Well, the modern ski resorts refresh their info concerning the conditions of the cover more than once every day and the leading skiing center in Bulgaria makes no exclusion. Easy to comprehend yet bringing the most important numbers here  is available Bansko snow report. You can check in the morning and then later in the afternoon the stats for six major points of the resort. Starting from the base station of the lift located in the town, the weather communiqués are available for key areas like Chalin Valog, Banderishka Polyana – the heart of the skiing map, Shiligarnika, Platoto till you reach to near to the top of the Todorka peak.


Four essential types of data compose the Bansko snow report – the overall thickness of the trail cover, the amount of fresh snow, the temperature and the wind speed. Probably everyone would notice that the data from one area to another – normally the wind is stronger on the highest zone and the snow cover gets thinner the closer you go down to the town.

Why do you need such data?


It’s not convenient only for those who prepare to travel and want to make sure that there will be a white blanket on the hills. Bansko snow report is very useful to the guests of the resort who already reside in the Bulgarian town. Getting to know what is the thickness of the fresh snow is important to know how to deal with the surface. Yes, skiers love the “powder” but actually, it isn’t the easiest type of cover to ride on. If there is too much wind, and the layer of fresh snow is not thick, the breakable crust of the slopes may be hard to manage even by the experienced pros. And surely, if the Celsius happens to be positive for several days in a row without a powder to cover already exploited surface, the tracks turn to slush and nobody really loves that. And Bansko snow report will help you to avoid unpleasant conditions in case such occur during the hols.






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