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Bansko tastes, nightlife, bars and things to do [ 2018 winter guide]

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June 24, 2021

Slopes covered with fresh “powder” is the primary feature everyone looks for in the search for a winter destination. But racing and slaloming all day is not enough for most of the people, especially the young people. Apres-ski is a term applying to the entertaining and social activity out of the sports agenda – going out after sunset after a day full of emotions on the Alpine runs marks a typical routine for the adventurous travelers. Looking for a deal to take the best of both types, Bansko ski holidays emerge on the top of the lits all around Europe. More information availabe about Bansko you can find HERE. The leading Bulgarian winter resort welcomes its guests with high-quality skiing condition and the town in the footsteps of the winter sports zone provides a remarkable variety of opportunities to spend your time.


What to expect if you ski Bansko slopes?

bansko skiing bulgaria 2018The Pirin Mountain zone is among the top developed areas in Bulgaria together with Borovets and Pamporovo. Started much later than the other two leading resorts in Bulgaria, it became the most famous winter destination on both national and international levels in the past decade. The number of foreign tourists booking Bansko ski holidays increases continuously every year, and some would even complain that the place becomes crowded in the high season. While waiting at the base station of the lift is annoying, once you start to ski Bansko runs, it is a guarantee for satisfaction for any athlete.

The total length of the Alpine tracks is over 75 km. For a reference, this twice the sum of the tracks of the most famous winter zone in Slovenia – Kranjska Gora. Some of the most prominent pistes are virtually on display during the whole winter through the Bansko webcam network, including the only World Cup level run, named after the legendary Italian Alpine champion Alberto Tomba. Some of the critics concerning the conditions for skiing in Bansko point to the lack of sufficient tracks for cross-country activity. You could also get around remarks about the difficulty of the pistes – one thinks that there is not enough space for the absolute beginners, while others state that the challenge for the experts is not so great except for the Tomba run and a few more of the Black kind. The truth is that there is something for everyone when it comes to skiing in Bansko and the prices for the accommodation by Balkan Holidays are much lower than anywhere in Europe. The lift pass is also more affordable than most of the continental resorts.


What about the pubs and bars?

bansko bars and nightlifeWell, if you are happy to ski Bansko pistes, you might be even more glad to find that there are lots of places to go out around the town being it for lunch or having fun after midnight. Let’s start with the cuisine. The town situated in the footsteps of Pirin Mountain has been a favorite for culinary experience for a long time. There are many typical local meals, and you must taste at least one of the most famous names on the menu during the Bansko ski holidays. Don’t trust any restaurant if there is no Kapama in the list – undoubtedly the most prominent dish originating from the region and the town specifically. Indeed, the majority of the local tastes is meat-based. If you are on a vegetarian or a vegan diet, Kombari with kazhel (Potatoes with sauerkraut) is a possible name to pick from the menu.


You will face a challenge to remember and to pronounce the names of the most prominent restaurants and taverns. Right them down and get around the town – you won’t find a place to eat and drink a glass of wine only by watching Bansko webcam images. Well, The Happy End restaurant is in the display actually. The House and Mehana Bansko, Banski Han are the names of “mehana” (taverns) which are easier to memorize, while Bardareva mehana, Obetsanova mehana, Dedo Yonkata, Bunare add to the list of harder for pronunciation locations which count to nearly 100 around the whole area. But the cuisine is not hard to digest, and the prices are sensational for a guest from Western Europe.


You can have fun all night

bars and pubs in banskoVisiting the bars might not be your agenda if you book Bansko ski holidays for your family. Well, for the travelers in their 20s and even 30s the town provides a broad spectrum of places to go and things to do after the day dedicated to skiing in Bansko winter sports zone. Speaking if the nightlife, there are more than 20 places where you can have a drink or two and enjoy the company of friends or strangers found on the spot. You can see some of the discos and bars from the Bansko webcam system but getting inside is what you need to do for a night to remember.

Well, the name of one of the most prominent clubs – Amnesia, speaks the opposite but you would instead link it with memories of all night dancing. Buddha Bar is not a place for meditation, and No Name is the name of one of the favorites discotheques. You can go to a karaoke bar during the time of the Bansko ski holidays. Live music is also available in the resort, look at the billboards. Most of the artist would be totally unknown, especially those of the popular in the country pop-folk genre. Pop and rock bands make gigs there too, so might be lucky for such a night out in some of the clubs.


Well, you wouldn’t probably have it loud every night. Going to the Bowling arena is another entertaining activity for the evening. You can try the skating rink near the Gondola base station if you are not too tired after skiing in Bansko heights. The altitude does not matter that much – 1000 or 2000 m above the sea level you can still have a great time with Bansko ski holidays for a price that is hard to beat in Europe.

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