All inclusive holidays – a massive benefit for all travelers in 2018!

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June 24, 2021

What costs less on a first glance isn’t always the most affordable opportunity. While many people like to spend less on a summer vacation, not everyone is actually aware that the cheap all-inclusive holidays bring the best overall price. Usually lots of tourists are being misled by the tag they see in an ad and forget to notice that the lower cost applies to self-catering accommodation or a half-board option. It’s nothing wrong to choose such type of hotel service if you like to cook for yourself or if you like to travel a lot during the time of your vacation and love to try the cuisine of a wide spectrum of local restaurants. But calculating the full extent of expenditure correctly would lead to no different conclusion that the cheap all-inclusive deals will be the lightest option for your budget.


Head to the Balkans to save money and enjoy


While hundreds of hotels in Spain, France, or Italy provide package holidays, they will never be affordable as the bargains available in Eastern Europe. Greece undoubtedly represents the most popular choice for that matter, but actually in all-inclusive Croatia, Montenegro, or Bulgaria come up with more profitable overall calculation on the Balkans. Check for yourself the deals of Balkan Holidays  to realize that it’s a hard task to find better deals than the ones on the list of the most trusted British tour agency operating in that corner of the continent.


Searching for the greatest ratio of money spending for the quality might turn your attention to all inclusive Bulgaria variety of choices. The country is proud of having a champion in the world competition of best valued vacations in the face of Sunny Beach. The top ranked seaside resort of the last year’s Post Office survey provides dozens of options for all-inclusive holidays deals in every category except the lowest.


Count the stars from 3 to 5 and you will receive some of the exquisite all-inclusive holidays Bulgaria is able to provide to foreign visitors. Gardenia and Perla, Yunona and Svezhest are some of the brands present in the list of the middle class category. The price for such level of accommodation ranges between 300 and 350 GBP per person for 7 days depending on the venue and the airport in UK that makes the connection to Bulgaria (most commonly to Bourgas since it’s only half-hour away from the resort) as well as the number of person (usually 3 or 4) who have to book the deal to make it active and available.


Among all-inclusive Bulgaria deals there are lots on display and within reach concerning 4-stars accommodation and even the top category. Sunny Beach might be the resort with the highest number of package holidays but is only one of the possible places to pick. Golden Sands and Albena in the northern half of the Bulgarian coastline, Nessebar, Pomorie, and Sozopol in the south represent the wide spectrum of Bulgaria all-inclusive pins on the map.


The sands of the Black Sea or the rocks of the Adriatic coast?


What type of beach would you prefer depends on some personal preferences and no one can give an answer that applies to everyone. Those who love the nice sands would rather choose all inclusive Bulgaria deals attracting with the lowest cost in the segment. The rocky shores of Adriatic pools with the magnet of the dazzling nature and in this all-inclusive Croatia or Montenegro availability might work out well for you.


The western coast of the Balkan Peninsula however will require higher expenditure. Saying it simply – 3-star all-inclusive Croatia deal might cost more than 4-star accommodation of that kind in Bulgaria. But places like Dubrovnik deserve the price combining wonderful properties for swimming and sunbathing with the magic of old architecture and the romantic feeling bringing you back to ancient ages.


And while the cheap all-inclusive holidays in probably the most picturesque town in Croatia (the one that was employed thanks to its “medieval” appearance to serve as the actual venue to host the filming of King’s Landing scenes of “Game of Thrones” series) might be not that easy to be found since the demand might be skyrocketing, the so-called Dubrovnik Riviera flourish with available and affordable options for package holidays. Orebic resort booking, for example, is up for grabs for less than 450 GBP per person for a week. The country’s coastline is long enough to pick a deal in Dalmatia or Istria and receive numerous affordable all-inclusive Croatia opportunities.


Once again – regardless of what shore is chosen for the summer vacation – the East or the West of the Balkans, you need to check if the dreamed pick for cheap all-inclusive holidays suits you with the match of the airport availability. The long transfers on land after the plane has landed to the airport and back might cause some significant inconvenience. Ask the Balkan Holidays for advice when considering cheap all-inclusive deals.

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