How to plan an all-inclusive family vacation

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June 24, 2021

“What do you mean we need to plan all-inclusive holidays? Booking the most affordable deal on the spot you wish to visit is all we need to do. Isn’t it?” Probably. But not definitely. Making the reservation that suits you combining the desired destination and the price complying with the family budget represents a fundamental step indeed. And still, you need to do more than that to enjoy an overall satisfying experience during your summer break.


What is the best place for package holidays?


Well, we will not exclude everything to point just one resort. We would rather recommend you one broad region where all-inclusive deals will cost a surprisingly low amount of money without compromising on the quality of the service. The Balkans. “Oh, no way, there is a war going on there” Throw all these old newspapers, please, or burn them all. The southeastern corner of Europe is a peaceful and welcoming area from the start of the century or even way back in time depending on the country. Checking these Balkan Holidays opportunities to indulge yourself by embarking on all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria, for example, have to turn on the radar that this country probably the best value for money ratio.


Planning a family vacation starts from picking the right place to stay in indeed. The Balkans offers a broad array of possible choices for all-inclusive booking. From the western coast of the peninsula where you can find a great variety of opportunities on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia or Montenegro to the eastern borders formed by the Black Sea shoreline. The options make such a great number even without including all the Greek resorts in the list – adding this country to the list would really make it hard to count the possibilities for great holidays in the region. Following the Balkan Holiday all-inclusive proposition is enough to make a good enough shortlist before booking an apartment to stay in for a week or more.


You can’t make the equation work without taking into account the price factor. The all-inclusive holidays are considered the most affordable overall option for families. In this case you pay for everything up-front – the suit, the food, the flight and the transfer from and to the airport, so in the best case scenario, the expenditure during the vacation might be minimized to an insignificant volume. It doesn’t mean your family has to spend all the time within the hotel area but since you have to give money for food to the lowest extent because it’s granted by the package deal will give you the freedom of having some extra cash for more funny and memorable moments in the holiday times.


Where we have to look for the cheapest all-inclusive holidays?


Speaking of the Balkans, Bulgaria is the country to beat the competition in terms of affordability. The deals on the Black Sea can be booked as low as 260 GBP per person for a week. A fee like this is practically impossible to find if looking on the Western Europe market. Plenty of Balkan Holidays all-inclusive deals stand below the 300 GBP barrier looking in the 3 stars category. Hotel Magnolia and Hotel Vita Park in Albena, Hotel Yunona and Hotel Festa Gardenia in Sunny Beach make the list of the most affordable choices on this level of accommodation. What you need to plan to comply with the requirements, is to pay 3 adult prices – so except for mum and dad the granny can travel too to watch out for the kids on the beach, or it might be their favorite uncle.


The 4-star category provides a variety of high-quality choices even for a budget-restricted vacation which often happens to be the case of a family trip. With prices dropping as low as 300 GBP per person you will hardly avoid the temptation to book. Have in mind though that considering the opportunity of going on all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria goes along with the planning of the flights. Every deal on Balkan Holidays menu is linked with a certain airport so basically to avoid searching through offers that don’t suit you first pick the venue in the UK of taking off and landing back to see what options will come out.


Get ready to travel around


After the all-inclusive holidays are booked for all the family you made sure that you’ll have a cozy and safe place to stay in and rest and you don’t have to worry about the food. So there must be some extra cash left – why don’t you enjoy the vacation by traveling around? Anywhere you stay in Bulgaria there is some interesting place to visit with no more than one hour drive or bus ride – let’s point Golden Sands and Albena, for example. The aqua-parks in the area around Sunny Beach and Nessebar on the other hands will make the children laugh and enjoy a great fun. Go for it.


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