Pamporovo, Bulgaria ski holiday season is open

7 Things You Should Know About Pamporovo Ski Resort

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June 24, 2021

Noticing that Pamporovo ski resort is located in Bulgaria is probably needless. Being one of the most prominent winter sports zone in the country, it has gone a long way regarding the international recognition. What else should you know about the place?


  1. Ranks high for budget vacation

pamporovo bulgariaThe Rhodopes mountain-based area increases its fame thanks to the affordable prices. It ranks in the Top 10 of the budget-oriented winter destination throughout Europe – even if the local competition in this agenda is intense in the face of Bansko (the cheapest snowy zone in Europe for 7 years in a row), Pamporovo ski resort stays close and attracts the visitors with great value for the accommodation. More details about them, you can find HERE. Booking a room at a 3-star hotel for a whole and paying about 300 GBP per person (give or take) is an obvious example in that direction.


  1. Some of the best package deals come from Pamporovo, Bulgaria

The whole Pamporovo ski experience cost you not more than 180 British Pounds if you book the suit through Balkan Holidays service. The price of the full-ski pack includes not only the lift pass but also the boot hire and the tuition. And the cost for the rookies might be even lower if it is booked anytime out of the high season.


  1. Pamporovo ski resort makes up for the largest winter sports complex in Europe

pamporovo ski resortIt is a kind of duplex, actually, and the extension is in the making yet. Pamporovo ski zone is connected to the nearest area designed for the same purpose – Mechi Chal. So far the communication is only through the shuttle buses operating regularly between these two places. In the foreseeable future, it is planned Pamporovo and Mechi Chal to be linked by lifts and skiing tracks too. But the price of the Pamporovo ski pass is already valid for use in the neighboring resort.


  1. Rhodopes Mountain is closer to Plovdiv than to the state’s capital

plovdiv during the winterThe distance to Sofia is about 230 km, and it takes roughly three to four hours to reach Pamporovo ski resort coming from the largest airport in the country. Plovdiv is situated much closer but the number of flights to this city, considered the second biggest in Bulgaria, is significantly lower from Great Britain and other parts of Europe.




  1. Pamporovo, Bulgaria is praised as being a fantastic choice for a family vacation

You already know about the price – one of the best for accommodation in Europe. The ski passes cost plays a major for families to choose Pamporovo ski holiday, the discounts for the kids are significant. The ski tuition makes for another “Can Let Go” if your goal is to teach your children what it is like to ride down the slopes. There are plenty of tracks suitable for the minors and skiers with small or zero experience.


  1. The sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria

sunny winter holidays to pamporovo bulgariaWith 100 days with no clouds on an average winter, Pamporovo ski resort is undoubtedly the brightest destination in the country for the coldest season. Year-round there are approximately 270 sunny days at the place! But it doesn’t mean that the snow is melting away too fast in January




  1. A quarter of the year is fine for skiing.

And snowboarding too. Pamporovo, Bulgaria welcomes guests coming to hit the slopes for at least three months starting from early December (sometimes even late November is OK) to mid-March. With more than 200 snow cannons and a bit of luck (or lower temperatures), the season might last up to the first half of April. The best time for the Pamporovo ski experience is the second part of January and practically the whole of February. If you wish to be there this time of the year, book the room well up-front. The demand for Pamporovo, Bulgaria grows continuously.

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